Blackfoot Language Project @ Vancouver DataJam

(image from Shin-you Hou)

Our Project

During the one-day Vancouver DataJam 2021 hackathon our team developed the start of an interactive application that allows an English speaker to learn the Blackfoot language, as well as record audio to determine accuracy.

We decided to build a website that has two primary pieces:

This project was suggested by the Department of Indigneous Studies and Department of Computing Science, at Simon Fraser University, by Professor Eldon Yellowhorn and Dr. Angelica Lim and is part of the Blackfoot Revitalization Project whose "goal is to build technologically innovative language learning tools to aid in the revitalization and preservation of the Blackfoot language." which had created the Blackfoot Chatbot.

Team Accomplishments


  1. Created a story interface design:
Design mockups for the website
  1. Built a working web application that supports story telling, plays Blackfoot audio clips, and has the ability to ingest audio recordings for accuracy analysis:
Website implementation of the story and audio recording features Website implementation of the About page
  1. Built a Data Science notebook demonstrating data analysis for determining accuracy of pronunciation. Screenshots from the this live Jupyter notebook:
Screenshot of Jupyter notebook (1 of 2)
Screenshot of Jupyter notebook (2 of 2)

Team Members

Team Lead: Bryce Haley

Mentor: Oisín Bates

UI/UX Design: Shin-you Hou

Front-End Development: Brian Gershon and Inayat Lakhani

Back-End Development and Data Analysis: Choenden Kyirong

Wrangling Translation Data: Inayat Lakhani

Extra Admin/SME Help: Lisa N. Cao, Ruiz Rivera

Additional Information and Resources

Thank you

Thank you to the Vancouver DataJam 2021 organizers for a great event!