"Future Machine Vol 4" Exhibit Opens in Seattle

The Seattle artist Electric Coffin has created a new initiative called Future Machine. It's an "ongoing series of physical and digital installations and exhibitions in galleries, museums, and commercial buildings that explores the intersection of humanity, nature and technology."

Their new NO[W]HERE: Future Machine vol 4 physical installation opened at the Seattle Museum of Museums and is an "ongoing art initiative by Electric Coffin that explores the intersection of art and industry. Volume 4 is focused on transformation, technology, and humanity."

Their exhibit runs Feb 4, 2022 through May 1, 2022.

Electric Coffin's NFT Project "Unios"

The team is also working on their new Unios project. The roadmap includes offseting carbon used by the project, supporting other artists, and ultimately funding rewilding efforts in Africa and beyond.

NFT minting will take place on Feb 16th, 2022.

Exhibit Walk-through

When I first saw this EXIT sign, I gingerly turned the handle, expecting either the emergency exit alarm, or entry to the exhibit, I'm glad I took the risk!

Entrance to Exhibit which was an EXIT sign

The exhibit was fantastic. You start in the dark, and then essentially go on a journey of discovery. The exhibit glows, glimmers, and hidden pieces were exposed through light and careful observation.

A glowing animal with a burning torch and the words Victory

I had great fortune meeting Duffy de Armas, a co-collaborator of Electric Coffin serendipitously as I was exploring the exhibit the day after the opening.

Duffy from Electric Coffin is in the house! Rows of cereal-like boxes that have tech and nature imagery

Additionally, there is an AR element available via their Future Machine mobile app, and you can touch the wall with the vibrating balls-of-light that act like light switches. The main image for this blog post is an angled shot of the wall fully lit up.