Seattle's Museum of Museums is a Delight

The Museum of Museums is a fantastic contemporary art center in Seattle.

This was my first visit and am excited to return.

Here are some of the current exhibits through May 1st, 2022.

Exhibit: Future Machine Vol 4

See my post on Electric Coffin's Future Machine Vol 4.

Picture of the space shuttle on top of a bear from Future Machine exhibit

Exhibit: CAT TOWER!

CAT TOWER! is a family-friendly (and cat-friendly!) exhibit exploring the best designs in cat towers.

An exerpt from the exhibit:

The cat tower reflects one of the most neglected objects
in the design kingdom.

Invented by Frank Crow in 1968, he outlined the three traits
that a successful cat tower must provide:

1 - A clawing surface of maximum appeal to a cat
2 - A climbing structure of high appeal and good exercising
3 - A facility for playing, feeding and sleeping
Cat Tower poster from Museum of Museums

This was my favorite:

a cat tower

Emergence Room

Their Emergence Room is a "monthly showcase celebrating artists age 6-16 from around the Pacific Northwest."

The current theme is Cat vs Dog.

Emergence room featuring art work from 6-16 year olds

Love Is Louder

Exhibit with a sign that says Love Is Louder

Still Essential

Wall poster featuring Still Essential: Give Thanks to Grocery Store Workers

The Gift Shop

The gift shop and gift shop entrance.

Museum gift shop Museum gift shop entrance